Barebone Pictures

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We're a group of friends who want to make meaningful art - mix a little professionalism in there and you've got Barebone Pictures. Our first priority is to make films that excite us.


Ryan scramstad

Ryan was born in Kamloops, BC, moved to the Vancouver area at the age of 10 and discovered his passion for performance in late middle school. It stared when he was forced to play the saxophone in band, but when he finally began to enjoy it, his love for acting came as well. He received a Bachelors of Performing Arts from Capilano University, apprenticed at Pacific Theatre in Vancouver, and has since been working professionally in theatre, film, and TV. Music has never left his life, however, and he has also works in theatrical sound design where the classical influences of concert band and the sound tracks from the video games he's played blend together for a unique all around soundscape. Now producing with Barebone Pictures, he is excited to be teamed up with Parker and Ed and all the passion they bring to the art form.


Edward bull

Since the age of 5, Edward Wolfgang Bull has wanted to be a film director, inspired by the likes of Robert Rodriguez and Paul Thomas Anderson. Going to various film programs since age 11, Ed has developed skills in all areas of filmmaking allowing for ease of production. He passionately combines the best parts of filmmaking to create effective storytelling. Whether it’s writing, acting, directing or editing, Edward Bull truly views life at 24 Frames Per Second.


parker thompson

Parker was never much of an artistic kid - he preferred video games growing up. But then he was dragged by his mum to a community theatre audition and things changed. Parker finished theatre school at Douglas College and the University of Wales just a hop, skip, and a jump later (and them some). 

He's always loved movies and making his own work, so forming Barebone Pictures was really the only way to go about it. Parker's beyond excited to work closely with Ed and Ryan. He's ready to bring his deepest artistic life to the surface.